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STARTS ON March 29, 2023 Application Deadline: March 28, 2023
DURATION 20 Weeks Online
PROGRAMME FEE INR 100,000 + GST View Payment Plan
ELIGIBILITY Minimum Graduate or Diploma Holder (10+2+3). Participants can submit color scan copies of marksheets of all year/consolidated mark-sheets/degree
STARTS ON March 29, 2023 Application Deadline: March 28, 2023
DURATION 20 Weeks Online
PROGRAMME FEE INR 100,000 + GST View Payment Plan

Programme Overview

Businesses operate on clear and constructive strategies. Every individual needs to understand the details of these strategies to reach common goals in the easiest possible manner.

However, misalignment and mismanagement are common complaints within organisations. These often occur when defining strategies or making resource-allocation decisions because of the lack of an aligned perspective and a coherent plan.

The Indian Institute of Management, Indore’s Executive Programme in Business Strategy provides practical knowledge of strategic management. This industry-relevant programme would help you develop innovative strategies for sustainable business solutions through real-world case studies and practical simulations. You will build the skills to drive growth through strategic analysis and insights.

Who is this Programme for?

This programme is ideal for every professional who aims to move into decision-making roles. It is best suited for:

  • Mid-career and senior-level executives who aspire to move into strategic and leadership roles
  • Business and function heads looking to augment and refresh their existing knowledge
  • Strategy consultants working in collaboration with clients to build and execute successful strategic initiatives
  • Entrepreneurs and small business owners looking to leverage structured knowledge in strategic management for growth and scale

Programme Directors

Prof. Prashant Salwan

Professor, Strategic Management

Prof. Prashant Salwan is an alumnus of the London School of Economics and a British Chevening Scholar and a Fulbright Scholar.

With approximately 23 years of experience, Prof. Salwan teaches strategic management, business models, international business, strategic agility and resilience and multinational management. He has given invited talks at the Ohio State University and Wharton School. He is a regular invitee for the business model and innovation lectures at the Wharton School Centre for Advances in Management.

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- Programme Director might change due to unavoidable circumstances, and revised details will be provided closer to the programme start date.

Programme Highlights

Build expertise
20 weeks of intensive, practical learning

Competitive advantage
Get a certificate from IIM Indore

Balanced learning
A combination of theoretical learning and practical training

Learn from the best
Renowned IIM Indore faculty

Highly interactive pedagogy
Recorded lectures supported by assignments and quizzes for holistic learning

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand and interpret strategy in the context of the goals
  • Get started with strategy formulation, beginning with a comprehensive analysis of the factors that influence strategy creation
  • Recognise the current capabilities and limitations of the organisation and develop approaches to build or acquire critical capabilities for overall strategy
  • Discuss a comprehensive approach to specialised strategies related to each business function and their relations with other functions
  • Explain the portfolio of offerings and how various aspects need to be considered for corporate-level strategy formulation
  • Describe the importance of International Strategy and be able to assess the applicability of the four types of international strategy in their context
  • Deploy and track strategy progress across the organisation

Programme Modules

  • Overview
  • Concept of Strategy
  • Strategy Deployment Approach
  • Strategy Management Process - 1
  • Strategy Management Process – 2
  • Strategy Management Process – 3
  • Evolution of Strategy
  • Overview
  • Survive vs Thrive – choices for an organisation
  • Identifying the competitive advantage
  • Emergent and intended strategies
  • Starting point for strategy formulation – Vision & Mission
  • Overview
  • Understanding Economics: Microeconomics - 1
  • Understanding Economics: Microeconomics - 2
  • Porter’s Five Forces: Part - 1
  • Porter’s Five Forces: Part - 2
  • Porter’s Five Forces: Part - 3
  • Porter’s Five Forces: Part - 4
  • Overview
  • The Industry Effect
  • Analyse Industry Profitability
  • Influencing the Industry
  • Using Multiple Models
  • Limitations of Analysis
  • Overview
  • Developing Capability Options
  • VRIO Analysis and SWOT Technique
  • Core Capabilities
  • Capability Gaps
  • Developing Core Capabilities
  • Deploying Capabilities Across the Organisation
  • Offering Winning ‘Features’
  • Overview
  • Developing Capability Options
  • VRIO Analysis and SWOT Technique
  • Value Chain Mapping and Activity Analysis
  • Benchmarking
  • Basics of Management Accounting - Part 1
  • Basics of Management Accounting - Part 2
  • Overview
  • Porter’s Competitive Strategy
  • Cost Leadership Strategy
  • What is Differentiation?
  • Focus Business Strategies
  • Trade-off between Cost and Differentiation Strategies
  • Blue Ocean Strategy
  • Competitive Advantage
  • Developing Business Level Strategies
  • Overview
  • Timing Tactics
  • Market Dominance Tactics
  • Cooperative Strategies
  • Industry Life Cycle and Strategic Choice
  • Factors Affecting Strategic Choice
  • Functional Implementation of Strategy
  • Overview
  • Strategic Direction for Organisations
  • Expansion Strategies: Concentration Strategies
  • Integration Strategies
  • Diversification Strategies
  • Cooperation Strategies
  • Internationalisation Strategies
  • Overview
  • Stability Strategies
  • Retrenchment Strategy
  • Retrenchment Strategy: Turnaround
  • Retrenchment Strategy: Divestment
  • Retrenchment Strategy: Liquidation
  • Combination Strategies
  • Portfolio Analysis: BCG Matrix
  • Portfolio Analysis: GE Nine Cell Matrix
  • Corporate Parenting
  • Overview
  • International Business
  • International Entries
  • Choice of Country
  • Porters Diamond Model – Introduction
  • Porters Diamond Model – Part 1
  • Porters Diamond Model – Part 2
  • Porters Diamond Model – Part 3
  • International Strategies
  • Overview
  • Creating Value through Internationalisation
  • Foreign Direct Investment
  • International Product Strategies
  • Regionalisation Strategies
  • Bottom of Pyramid
  • Emerging Economy and Multinationals
  • Political Risk in International Business
  • Overview
  • Concept of Merger & Acquisition
  • Difference between Merger & Acquisition
  • Reasons of Merger - Part 1
  • Reasons of Merger - Part 2
  • Synergy in Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Reasons & Types of Acquisition
  • Effect of Mergers and Acquisitions on Share Prices
  • Demerger or Spin off
  • Reasons for Demerger
  • Overview
  • Introduction to Strategic Alliances
  • Introduction to Joint Ventures
  • Reasons to form a Joint Venture – Part 1
  • Reasons to form a Joint Venture – Part 2
  • Reasons to form a Joint Venture – Part 3
  • Advantages of Strategic Alliances – Part 1
  • Advantages of Strategic Alliances – Part 2
  • Types of Strategic Alliance – Part 1
  • Types of Strategic Alliance – Part 2
  • Overview
  • Decision Making
  • Bounded Rationality
  • Framing in Decision Making
  • Causation and Effectuation
  • Business Model Canvas
  • Business Model Canvas – Customer Segments, Value Propositions and Customer Relationships
  • Business Model Canvas – Channels, Activities and Key Resources
  • Business Model Canvas – Key – Partners, Cost
  • Structures and Revenue Streams
  • Overview
  • The Concept of a Pitch
  • What Investors Look For
  • Innovation and its Importance for a Company
  • Approaches to Systematise Innovation
  • Enabling an Innovation Culture in a Company
  • Business Model Reinvention
  • Overview
  • Structural Types of an Organisation - Part 1
  • Structural Types of an Organisation - Part 2
  • Structural Types of an Organisation - Part 3
  • Structural Types of an Organisation - Part 4
  • Structural Types of an Organisation - Part 5
  • Design of Organisational Systems - Part 1
  • Design of Organisational Systems - Part 2
  • Design of Organisational Systems - Part 3
  • Overview
  • Change Agents: Introduction
  • Change Agents: Types
  • Change Agents: Shifting Styles
  • Change Agents: Traits
  • Challenges for the Change Agents
  • Levers for Strategic Change - 1
  • Levers for Strategic Change - 2
  • Levers for Strategic Change - 3
  • Levers for Strategic Change - 4
  • Overview
  • Balanced Scorecard - Part 1
  • Balanced Scorecard - Part 2
  • Balanced Scorecard - Part 3
  • Balanced Scorecard - Part 4
  • Balanced Scorecard - Part 5
  • Digital transformation - Part 1
  • Digital transformation - Part 2
  • Digital transformation - Part 3
  • Digital transformation -Part 4
  • Module Overview
  • Strategic Purpose of an Organisation
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Ethics and Strategic Purpose
  • Maximising Value for Stakeholders - Part 1
  • Maximising Value for Stakeholders: Part -2
  • Strategic Communication - Part 1
  • Strategic Communication - Part 2

Programme Certificate

IIM Indore will issue the certificate if a participant meets the following criteria,

  • A minimum of 70% in the required assignments
  • Completion of the capstone (in programmes where capstone projects are added)
  • A minimum of 50% of the videos must be viewed
Sample Certificate

Note: Sample certificate is indicative. The Institute reserves the right to revise it

IIM Indore Executive Education Alumni Status

On successful completion of the programme, participants will be eligible to apply for the Executive Education Alumni status offered by IIM Indore. A separate application will be necessary to register.

Current alumni membership plans are as follows:

  • 2-year membership – INR 1,000/- + applicable taxes,
  • Lifetime membership – INR 10,000/- + applicable taxes,

Benefits available to Executive Education Alumni:

  • Communication of brochures and newsletters from IIM Indore.
  • Access to the IIM Indore Campus Library (onsite access only).
  • Official email ID of the institute.
  • ID Card

- Eligibility for the Executive Education Alumni status is not guaranteed on the successful completion of the programme, application submission, and payment fee. IIM Indore reserves the right to confer executive education alumni status on a case-by-case basis.
- IIM Indore reserves the right to modify the above conditions at its discretion at any time without notice.
- Only the courts at Indore will have the territorial jurisdiction to try any disputes arising with respect of the Executive Alumni membership being granted.

Emeritus Career Services

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  • Career Management Modules on:
    • Building an Impressive Resume & Cover Letter
    • Building an Impressive LinkedIn Profile
    • Navigating Job Search
    • Interview Preparation
  • Past participants of Emeritus work at Microsoft, ICICI Bank, Infosys, HDFC, AirBnB, TCS, Ola, Flipkart, JSW, Wipro, Honeywell, JP Morgan, Reliance Jio, Mahindra, Gartner, Accenture, Cognizant, amongst others

Please note:

  • This service is available only for Indian residents enrolled into select Emeritus programmes.
  • IIM Indore or Emeritus do NOT promise or guarantee a job or progression in your current job. Career Services is only offered as a service that empowers you to manage your career proactively. The Career Services mentioned here are offered by Emeritus. IIM Indore is NOT involved in any way and makes no commitments regarding the Career Services mentioned here.

Early applications encouraged. Limited seats are available.

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Application Deadline: March 28, 2023

The Learning Experience 

What is it like to learn with the learning collaborator, Emeritus? 

More than 300,000 professionals globally, across 200 countries, have chosen to advance their skills with Emeritus and its educational learning partners. In fact, 90 percent of the respondents of a recent survey across all our programs said that their learning outcomes were met or exceeded. All the contents of the course would be made available to students at the commencement of the course. However, to ensure the program delivers the desired learning outcomes, the students may appoint Emeritus to manage the delivery of the program in a cohort-based manner during the course period the cost of which is already included in the overall Course fee of the course.

A dedicated program support team is available 7 days a week to answer questions about the learning platform, technical issues, or anything else that may affect your learning experience.

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